Fall 2017 Lifestyle and Fitness Challenge

Fall 2017 Lifestyle and Fitness Challenge

Challenge Details

Get back on track after an AWESOME summer!

8 Week Lifestyle and Fitness Challenge : Clean Eating and Performance Based

Commitment is rewarded, both through participation points and performance improvements.


- Clean Eating
- Class Attendance/Workouts
- Water Intake
- Sleep
- Supplements

All performance points are awarded on a total participation scale (everyone gets points top to bottom based on finish), and are based off of % of total improvement.

- Weight Lost
- Conditioning WOD Improvement
- MetCon Improvement

Daily Goals


Clean Eating

Stick to the CLEAN EATING PRINCIPLES - Eat meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, some fruit, some nuts, some seeds and oils. 2 points for a PERFECT CLEAN DAY 1 point for 1 CHEAT IN A DAY 0 points for >1 CHEAT IN A DAY CHEATS - ANY gluten - ANY dairy - ANYTHING processed, preserved, or with additives - MORE THAN 2 drinks (any alcohol)

Water Intake

at least 64oz (for points). 50% of BW (#) in ounces of water.


at least 6 hours


Take Daily Supplements - Fish Oil (at least 1000mg DHA/EPA) - Protein (at least 35g post workout)


Attend class (MUST CHECK IN) OR 30 Minutes (AT LEAST) of INTENSITY through exercise on your own. EXAMPLE of acceptable on your own exercise: - 30+ minutes of running (continuous or intervals) - 30+ minutes of varied elevation hike/trail run - YOGA must be 60+ minute class or session and MUST be a power/flow type yoga (you know the difference) - Spin class (at least 30 min) - Kickboxing/boxing, etc. OPEN GYM/GLOBO GYM Requirements - If you are getting a session in during Open Gym at Lando or in a "regular" gym, doing a circuit of machines DOES NOT COUNT. You all know what intensity is. It's what we do in class.

Challenge Workout Details

The following is the benchmark workout that the Fall 2017 Lifestyle and Fitness Challenge is using to gauge your overall improvement at the end of the challenge.

Max Back Squat, 1 Rep

1rm Back Squat}
Initial Workout Dates:
Sept. 11, 2017-Sept. 22, 2017
Final Workout Dates:
Nov. 15, 2017-Nov. 21, 2017


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Challenge Info:

Fall 2017 Lifestyle and Fitness Challenge

Dates: Sept. 18, 2017 - Nov. 17, 2017

Reg Deadline: Sept. 22, 2017

Participant Standings

Registration: $10.00

Reg Deadline Passed