4th Annual In House Throwdown

4th Annual In House Throwdown

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*Registration is per team, so $80 split between 2 people gets each member a piece of apparel (Lando Comp Socks or Lando In House Hat). TBD

 It's that time of year!

CrossFit Lando's Fourth Annual Dual Location Mixed Gender/Same Gender All Levels In House Throwdown!!

It's all in the name...
- Any partner works, gender and age doesn't matter
- All abilities works as in DON'T WORRY ABOUT SCALING or YOUR ABILITY
- Woburn and Charlestown teams, mixed teams, all kinds of teams welcome

The competition will run much like years before. 3 events + 1 floater type WOD this year!

Start time : Approx. 10:00am
- Each event/WOD will run about 1-1.25 hours, so end time will be around 2pm with Podium and Prizes

After Party: Post Podium until ???. Some Drinks and Food Provided!

Event WODS

Thus Spoke Zarathruster

8 Minutes for Team Max 3 Part Thruster - Squat Clean Thruster - Hang Squat Clean Thruster - Thruster


8 Min AMRAP, 4 rounds total with 1:00 ME for each part - Assault Bike (Cal) - Rounds of DT 12 Deadlift 9 Hang Power Clean 6 STOH Men: 165 Women: 95 Score is total reps + calories after 8 Minutes. Partners work in a 1 minute on then switch format, doing 4 rounds total.

The Ol' Kick In The Groin

12 Minute AMRAP 60/50/40 Cal Row 50 Partner Wall Ball - Every 10 reps perform 10 jumping high fives 40 Box Jump/Step Over 24/20 30 Front Squat 95/65 20 Partner Synchro Burpees - Ladies do 20 Cal, Men do 30 Cal - Partner High 5 is feet off the ground from a squat jump - Box must be turned over for male/female to respective height

Event Info:

4th Annual In House Throwdown

Date: Sept. 7, 2019

Location: 545 Medford Street, Charlestown MA

Registration: $70.00




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